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Be awesome with me !

So this is where I should start my autobiography I guess . OR I can just make the "spark notes " version and just bust out some key items to know for the pop quiz !

I shall call it Fun Facts with and about Bob

Fun Facts !
-I am 24

-My name is Bob. Yes , I am a black guy named Bob! Usually why I am so easily remembered haha

-I love me some sci-fi , fantasy, anime, drama shows ! .. although i guess all of those genres kind of encompass almost the whole of televison and movies doesn't it ? O well still holds up

-I also kinda hate sci-fi and fantasy stuff because after every episode or movie I end up thinking , " Man... Real life would be sooo much better with magic , space ships, super powers or all three !"

- Dinosaurs are AWESOME !

- ^^ True story

-At this very moment I am watching an episode of Dexter ! Love it !

- Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Partly because I love to cook and partly because of YYUUUMMM!

- Apple is my favorite pie , but there is rarely a pie that I will just brush off

-I still count Pluto as a damn planet ! I might even save my old space books from when I was a kid to give to my kids when I have them just so that they will know of Pluto and it's tiny, distant awesomeness! A-hole astronomers!

-I prefer my chucks(converse) to just about any other shoe :)

- I used to have a fear of monkeys! See next bullet to hear why haha

- When I was a kid my dad used to tell me stories he made up about moneys in the jungles. One night during story time though he asked me a simple question that stuck with me for like 2 years. He basically said " Do you ever wonder why monkeys and apes have hands for feet ? Just think about how far we humans have gotten with only one pair of hands. Keep an eye on those monkeys son, they are bound to make their move sooner or later!" .. Mind you I was only around 5 yrs old, but damn !

-Xbox in my console of choice

-This one time , at band camp ... >> awkwardly awesome story

- One question that usually can shut me up for a few minutes in thought is : " Would you rather be a Jedi , Saiyan or Pokemon trainer ! What would you choose ?

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